Brisbane is the capital of and most populous city in the Australian state of Queensland. It is located on the Brisbane River on the eastern coast of Australia and has a resident population estimated to be just over 2 million (2010 estimate). Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia, behind Sydney and Melbourne.

Brisbane is an innovation hub for emerging sectors such as aviation and aerospace, information and digital technologies, professional and scientific services, mining services, advanced manufacturing and creative industries. The City Plan supports these knowledge-based industries by encouraging them to co-locate and cluster around universities, hospitals, arts and cultural centres and other major institutions. Co-location also promotes the sharing of information, collaboration and innovation.


As one of Australia's leading universities and one of the world’s top 50 universities, UQ is consistently ranked first in the world for biomedical and clinical health sciences, engineering, and chemical sciences. UQ has pioneered the invention of the HPV vaccine that prevents cervical cancer. In addition, Two Nobel laureates have been associated with UQ as alumni and staff. Over recent decades, UQ has produced notable alumni across a range of professions.

昆士兰大学是一所研究型大学,1909年成立于昆士兰州首府布里斯班。作为澳洲顶尖,全球50强名校,昆士兰大学在生物和临床医学,工程学,化学等领域达到世界领先水平。昆士兰大学率先发明了预防宫颈癌的HPV 疫苗。此外,昆士兰大学拥有两位诺贝尔奖得主。近几十年来,昆士兰大学在一系列专业领域培养出了无数优秀人才。

bond university

Bond University is a private not-for-profit university located in Robina, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, founded in 1987. Bond University is a vibrant and innovative institution, with its high quality teaching standard earning it a reputation as the "southern hemisphere Harvard." It is particularly strong in information technology, and business enabling disciplines such as marketing and accounting.

邦德大学是澳大利亚第一所私立大学, 1987年成立于澳大利亚昆士兰州黄金海岸市的Robina区。邦德大学是一所充满生气和创新精神的学府,以其优质的教学质量被誉为“南半球的哈佛”。它的各种科目都获得了不凡的国际声誉,包括在国际上成功的极具实用性的商科课程(会计,市场营销等),创新的信息技术课程(IT)等等。

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